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When I started my blog, the blog name was one thing that came into my head in the space of seconds. But, when you start a blog you might get stuck choosing the right blog name. Finding a name that is the right one for you can take time. However, there are so many ideas out there to help you. I remember when I started my blog and inputted my blog name that there were no domains with the name “Maya’s Life and Travels” so I was lucky but as time goes by and you haven’t chosen your blog name domains can be taken. If you are stuck on what to name your blog, don’t worry because there are other people in the same boat as you. In today’s post on the blog, I share how to choose your blog name and I also give you some creative blog name ideas that you can use for your blog. Before we get into the post and get started, I just wanted to say that I have created a YouTube channel for my blog so please check out using this link here.

The first key step in choosing a name for your blog is choosing the niche. Would your niche be travel, like mine? Or will it be beauty? Or fashion? Your blog name will need to relate to the chosen niche for your blog. My blog name is Maya’s Life and Travels because my two niches for my blog are Travel and Lifestyle.

Here are some blog niches for you to choose out of (maybe do a google search if these are not the right one for you, there are more niches out there on the internet and you might find one you like!) :

FaishonBusinessPersonal FinanceHealth
ParentingMarriageHome DecorFilm

Now that you have the niche down you need to start brainstorming words that you will include in the blog name. For example, if you choose travel like I have write down words on a piece of paper or a word document such as journey, voyage, tour, trek and trip etc. Or, if you choose Fashion write down words on that piece of paper or document such as chic, glam, dress, style, stylish, dress, trousers, waistcoat, outfit, design and look etc. I have created a little brainstorming help sheet with some words that describe 3 popular niches for bloggers so feel free to refer to it below.

When it comes to writing, I love mixing and matching words. Now that you have a list of words and have done the brainstorming process, you need to start mixing and matching them to choose your blog name. But now, you need to come up with another list of blog names to choose from to get the right one for you. Usually, blog names are more than one word. When I choose my blog name, I added the word “and” in the middle. You can add words in the middle or the end such as “the”, “and”, “to” and with. Using your own name or pseudonym makes the blog name feel more unique and personal to you like my blog name is “Maya’s Life and Travels”. You can also use your own name if you are struggling for ideas.

Once you have the right blog name or potential list of blog names you need to check if it is available. You have to check if it is used by someone else already. To do this go to and enter your domain ( in the search bar.

After you input your domain name, you then need to select a selection. If you want a free blog the end of the domain would be ( when it is a free plan is at the end of the url instead of .com) and if you want the domain name to be ( you have to pay but the first year is free included in paid plans.

When you search up your blog name and if is not there that means it is taken already by someone. If you domain is available get it as soon as you can because before you know it, it can be taken.



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Hi I am Maya, from the blog Maya's Life and Travels. I joined the world of blogging in December 2020 and I am a lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion blogger.

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