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Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to Maya’s Life and Travels. Today I had the lovely chance to interview Poorwa from Poorwa’s blog. Poorwa is an amazing blogger so make sure to check out her blog by clicking the link here. If you would like to be interviewed for the blogger interview series please reach out to me via my blog’s contact page. Alright, let’s get started with this interview!

1. Hi Poorwa. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. Can you introduce yourself and tell the readers a bit about you and your blog?

Hi everyone! Thanks for having me! I’m Poorwa, the teenage girl behind Poorwa’s blog. My blog is mainly a lifestyle blog, where I talk about my interests and write about things I like and relate to me. I’m a huge music lover and you can see that in all of my posts. I also have a hobby of photography, so I sometimes share pictures of nature captured by me. I love making friends through blogging and I think my blogging friends are the ones who make me keep doing what I do. 

2. What inspired you to create Poorwa’s blog?

Blogging was a chapter of my 10th I.T. book. That’s when I got to know about it and I thought that I have to give it a try. My I.T. teacher motivated me to create a blog, as she got transferred to another state the same year, I had to do this for her. I remember how proud she was of me when I told her that I’ve started blogging. To know the complete story behind my blog, you can read this post of mine- My Blogging Journey: Why I Started Poorwa’s blog

3. You talk about your love for music a lot in your blog. Who is your favorite music artist and why?

Yes, music is my life and I really mean it. I’m an international music lover, I listen to songs in different languages as I believe that music has no language barrier. I listen to Western and Korean Pop the most. My favorite music artists are BTS, Selena Gomez, NCT, Little Mix, and Taylor Swift.


4. When you created Poorwa’s blog what did you hope to achieve? And, have you achieved those things?

I didn’t hope for anything, to be honest. I just wanted to take a look into the online world and I thought maybe creating a blog would help. Now when I look back, I’m grateful that I started blogging. I have achieved the things I had never imagined about. I’m really very satisfied with what I’ve been getting through blogging.

5. You have mentioned you like photography on your blog. What tips would you have for any aspiring photographers?

For me, photography is all about interest. It is the most fun thing for the people who really like photography and at the same point, boring for those who don’t. Photography is in my top favorite hobbies, I’m not an expert but all I can say to any aspiring photographers reading this that you’ve got the talent. Have fun with what you’re doing and try to feel the moment you’re capturing. You should learn how to be satisfied with your work. It will get better and better.

6. How do you manage blogging and schoolwork?

Blogging has never affected my school life. I know it gets hard sometimes to manage our time but that’s not really the case for me. My trick to manage blogging and schoolwork is that I focus on what I’m doing at the current moment. Like, when I’m between my class, I focus on the class only and don’t wander around the blogosphere. And I don’t try to do my homework when I’m working on my blog. I think that’s really helpful- focusing on one thing at one time. That’s how I find enough time to do my school work and also to do blogging.

7. Finally, do you have anything else you want to say for the readers?

Thanks for having me here! I hope you had fun reading my answers because I really did enjoy answering Maya’s question. Have a great day everyone and show Maya’s Life and Travels lots of love, she’s amazing! Take care and stay safe!

Thank you so much Poorwa for agreeing to this interview, please make sure to check out her blog. If you would like to be interviewed please reach out to me via my blogs contact page. Let me know your favourite part of the interview in the comments and what blogger you want me to interview next! 



Published by مايا (Maya)

Hi I am Maya, from the blog Maya's Life and Travels. I joined the world of blogging in December 2020 and I am a lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion blogger.


  1. Great answers, Poorwa! I got to know more about you through this!✨ This idea of a blogger interwiew series is wonderful, Maya!👏

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  2. Great interview and lovely answers as usual poorwa!! I’m glad you had blogging chapter on your 10th book otherwise we would have missed such a passionate and amazing writer 💜✨

    Liked by 5 people

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