My Shein wishlist♡

Hello everyone, welcome or welcome back to Maya’s Life and Travels. I was looking at stationery on Shein today and I created a wishlist for the new school year. Shein has some amazing stationery which is ever so unique! I am going to buy my main back to school stationery from other shops of course but I also wanted to get some stuff off Shein and I really wanted to share my wishlist with you guys so let’s get started with this post!

1. Plaid Pattern Pencil bag

Plaid Pattern Pencil Bag

I really love this pencil bag because it can fit a lot of stuff into one small pencil case. The reason why I put this as item 1 on my wishlist is the fact that I can fit things into all in my place because currently I have to have multiple pencil cases for my markers, colouring pencils and washi tapes etc. 

2. 3pcs Sequin Ballpoint Pen

3pcs Sequin Decor Ballpoint Pen

I added these to my wishlist because they are just sooo adorable and sparkly! Another reason why I added them to my wishlist is because they are a 3pcs set and it is a lot better to buy 3 of them in one set then buying them individually, it also works out a lot cheaper.

3. 1pc Random cartoon binder memo pad

1pc Random Cartoon Binder Ring Memo Pad

These memo pads are adorable! I might not get these but I added them because memo pads are really useful. 

4. Bubble tea shaped pencil bag

1pc Bubble Tea Shaped Pencil Bag

I was watching Study to Success‘ new stationery video she published 2 weeks ago and this pencil bag was in their and I was like “I need that” so I went online to find it and I found it on Shein which is so weird. It looks so good on her desk and I do need this on my desk so I thought “Why not add it to the list”!

5. 60 sheets Mixed Pattern Material Paper

60sheets Mixed Pattern Random Material Paper

I saw a lot of bullet journalers on YouTube with material paper and I currently don’t have any so that’s why I want them! 

6. 1pc clear stationery storage box

1pc Clear Stationery Storage Box

My stationery isn’t really organised and I always wanted an organiser for all of it and I came across this and I absolutely love it!

7. 1pc Galaxy pattern Cover random spiral notebook

1pc Galaxy Pattern Cover Random Spiral Notebook

Oh what can I say about this notebook it is so pretty and aesthetic. When I saw this notebook I was like I had to get it! My favourite colour is the pink one out of all of them. 

8. Cat paw correction tape

1pc Cat Paw Random Correction Tape

I have been watching tons of stationery videos on YouTube in the past month and literally all of them include correction tape. I kind of hate crossing out stuff because it doesn’t make work look nice but with correction tape you can correct it and then write on top which is great! 

9. Flower print washi tape

10rolls Flower Print Washi Tape

These washi tapes are so pretty and I really want them!

10. Cartoon metal bookmark

1pc Random Cartoon Metal Bookmark

I wanted a bookmark for school so I went on Shein and found these adorable bookmarks! I have never had a metal bookmark before because I always opted for paper ones. However, this time I wanted to give a metal one a try!

 What are your favourite items in my Shein Wishlist and why? Have you ever brought stationery from Shein before? Thank you so much for reading and signing off for today!

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