Searching through Pinterest episode #4 | abayas

Hi everyone, welcome or welcome back to Maya’s Life and Travels. I have taken a break from blogging because I really wanted to focus on my school and recently I have been getting lots of homework so I also wanted to focus on that. But, today on the blog I am bringing you episode 4 of the searching through pinterest series so if you haven’t checked out the previous episode feel free to check it out here. Its been 3 months since the last post of the series, I really love doing this series so I want to post more searching through pinterest posts. This time I am looking at abayas. I love scrolling through the internet for abayas and I want to expand my abaya collection so let’s get started! Disclaimer: All images are sourced from Pinterest and are not my images.

Okay this abaya is so pretty! I really love frilly abayas and frilly dresses so this is an amazing abaya for me. The colour is so beautiful as well! And what can I say about the sleeves, they are so pretty!

Wow this abaya is amazing as well! What I really like about this abaya is that it looks really feminine and its chiffon as well. The sleeves are nice as well! Additionally, I really like that the abaya looks really good with a cute small bag as well.

latest abay designs -dubai abaya - modern abayas

This abaya is amazing. The embroidery is really nice as well!!

I really love this abaya because it looks really nice with the white colour and the sequins. This abaya looks really classy and elegant as well! I would definitely pair this abaya with a small bag like the women in the photo as it really suits the abaya.

These abayas are so pretty and are totally my style of clothing! I love both of them and they look ever so nice! I would definitely by both of them! Love the ruffles on the purple one and I love the gold colour on the other one! Both these abayas would look really nice with a necklace and an elegant watch with some flats or heels.

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