A list of the most fanciest words ♡

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to Maya’s Life and Travels. Words are amazing, they mean so much things. There are so much words in the world that most of us do not know and in this post I share some of the most fanciest words to use. Alright, let’s get started.

1. Quandary (kwan dree)
meaning – perplexed, worried or in a dilemma
2. Elucidate (ee loose ih date)
meaning – to explain/ make clear
3. Despondent (des pon dent)
meaning – hopeless
4. Magnum opus ( mag num o pus)
meaning: a person’s masterpiece
5. Frivolus  (frih vo lus)
meaning: lack of seriousness


Published by مايا (Maya)

Hi I am Maya, from the blog Maya's Life and Travels. I joined the world of blogging in December 2020 and I am a lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion blogger.

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