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Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to Maya’s Life and Travels. Today, I really wanted to introduce you to my fashion. Phone cases as fashion is a growing trend and I believe they are the most important fashion accessory. Think about it like this, your using your phone time and time again and when you put it down what is the thing you see? Your phone case. When you take a selfie in the mirror, what do you see in the mirror in your hand? Your phone case. What do people see when you are on the phone or taking a selfie? Your phone case. When you put you phone down on a table with the screen down, what do people see? Your phone case. Phone cases are a huge trend right now.

When you are on your phone and a person comes up to you, they are likely to see your case and back of your phone before your face. That has happened to me lots of times. People come up to me and say “Wow (my real name) that’s a nice case. It’s so pretty. Where did you get it from?.” Having a good phone case can also change your mood and your personality and the way other people see you. Say if you have a black plain phone case, people might think your dull, boring and plain or yout noy bothered with sending out your fashion statement really. Or if you have a patterned and fashionable phone case people might think that you care about fashion. I am a person really passionate about fashion and I always try to make a fashion statement in multiple ways. Phone cases are your little fashion statement to the world. Phone cases can coordinate with your outfit as well.

I have multiple phone cases and I change them every day depending on my outfit or my mood. I am one of those fashionable, sassy types of girls so I always choose a phone case that matches my personality and my fashion. In this blog post I share some of my phone cases. I always try to find a phone case with that “look at me everyone, I am in the room, all eyes on me,” look and all the phone cases I buy have that look where people notice your phone case. Alright, yallah let’s get started.

Phone case 1 – Leopard print

None of you reading this blog know this but I love everything leopard print. That is the reason why I brought this phone case. I brought this because it relates to my personality and because it stands out. If you didn’t know when leopard print is used in female clothing it signifies independence, power and confidence. I love leopard print because when you think of a leopard you think of power and that is exactly why I love this feline print. In addition, some people see girls wearing leopard print as wild just like the feline. Leopard print is used a lot in haute couture brands such as Christian Dior and how can I forget Channel. In conclusion, Leopard print is one of those things that will never go out of style.

Phone case 2: Butterfly

Even though I don’t have this phone case on my phone a lot, I absolutely love it. I was in Dubai Mall and I was walking in the mall and there was a phone case stand. I went up to the stand and this phone case caught my eye instantly. I had to buy this because I really wanted a phone case with glitter! The reason why it caught my eye is the butterfly and the beautiful glitter. When the phone case is in my hand the glitter falls down and it is so beautiful.

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Hi I am Maya, from the blog Maya's Life and Travels. I joined the world of blogging in December 2020 and I am a lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion blogger.


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