Hi everyone welcome or welcome back to Maya’s Life and Travels. When I found out that Poorwa from Poorwa’s blog has created her own ‘This or That Tag’ I decided that I should take part. Poorwa nominated anyone to take part in this tag so I suggest you should all take part too! Alright, let’s get onto the rules of this tag!

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  • Thank the person who nominated/tagged you.

  • Answer all the 50 ThisOrThat questions in your post. You can do less if you want.

  • Link back to the creator @Poorwa’s blog

  • Nominate at least 7 people or more for this tag.

  • Use #ThisOrThat for easy accessibility.

  • Have fun!

  1. Friends or internet? Well friends when I am in real life and at home and internet when I am on my blog
  2. Pop or Rock? Pop
  3. Phone call or text? Text! I just like texting more than phone calls. 
  4. Morning or Evening? Morning, anytime any day!
  5. Apartment or House? Apartment 
  6. Instagram or Twitter? Both! There are things I like about both platforms and I enjoy using them both. 
  7. Day or Night? Night
  8. Mobile Games or Console Games? Console Games. I don’t like mobile games, the screen is just too small to play on as well compared to a Nintendo Switch or a console etc.
  9. While doing something: Music or Podcasts? I love listening to music, so music it is.
  10. Book or Movie? Book
  11. Rain or Snow? Rain. I just don’t like the snow, it’s freezing cold and I can’t stand it. I would rather the whole country raining for a short while rather than being covered in snow with limited things to do because it’s freeezing cold!
  12. Cake or pie? Cake, I don’t like pies.
  13. Swimming or Sunbathing? Swimming because I love it so much!
  14. Comedy or Horror? It depends of my mood of the day I guess. 
  15. Aquarium or Zoo? Aquarium
  16. Big Party or Small Gathering? Big Party!!
  17. New Clothes or New Phone? Both!
  18. Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?  both!
  19. Flowers or Trees? Flowers
  20. Work Hard or Play Hard? Work Hard
  21. Nice Car or Nice Home interior? Both because everyone needs nice things in their life!
  22. Phone or Computer? Both! Phone for texting, social media and stuff for my day to day life and Computer for my blog and Homework. 
  23. Jogging or Hiking? Jogging
  24. Milk or Juice? Juice
  25. Blue or Grey? Blue, grey is just too dark for my liking. 
  26. Straight or Curly Hair? Both
  27. Fruits or Vegetables? Fruits
  28. Roses or Daises? Roses
  29. Money or Fame? There is no point of being famous without money and where there is fame there is money so my answer is both!
  30. Receive Email or Letter? Email! I hate letters!
  31. Passenger or Driver? Both! I want to be the driver but I also want to be the passenger because when you are the passenger you can go on your phone and eat but you can’t do that when you are driving.
  32. Watch or Play? Watch
  33. Someone intelligent or funny? Intelligent
  34. Mountains or Beaches? Beaches
  35. Cinderella or Elsa? Elsa, I want ice powers!
  36. Money or Free Time? Money
  37. Iron Man or Captain America? I don’t know with this one.
  38. Video Games or Board Games? I love video games so much and I don’t like board games so the answer is Video Games!
  39. Singing or Dancing? Dancing
  40. Long hair or Short Hair? I have so much to say about this! I have really long hair and I hate short hair (I can’t stand it) so of course for this one my answer is long hair
  41. Cats or Dogs? Cats
  42. Cleaning or Cooking? Cooking
  43. Winter or Summer? Summer because I was born in summer! I also choose Summer because I love the summer sun and everything about Summer and I just absolutely hate the Winter. 
  44. Mountain or Beach? Beach
  45. Ninjas or Pirates? Ninjas
  46. Sweater or Hoodie? Hoodie
  47. Working alone or working in a team? For me, it really depends on the type of project to be honest. 
  48. Save or Spend? Spend because I love spending.
  49. Meat or Vegetables? Meat because I LOVE eating meat!
  50. Honesty or Other’s feelings? Depends on the situation really


I also nominate all of you readers to do this tag if your interested! It will mean a lot to me and I am sure it will mean a lot to Poorwa if you do this tag!

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